State of the Republican Party

First off, I hope my readers are having a great start to a new year; I know I am. I want to take the time to be able to convey some concerns about the Republican Party. A little background about me, I’m an registered Independent for roughly a year now. I have been a political junkie for years since I was in middle school. I am a person that strongly focus on the issues of the political arena because that is what really drives me home and allows me to be able to defend the issue disregard of the person.

On that note, I feel a little saddened by the state of the Republican Party. I have spent time trying to frame the proper questions, trying to be able to get a clear understanding of how and why the Republican Party is the way it is now. My great-grandfather was a republican. My reaction to him being an republican was surreal because I found it hard, until he explained that he registered republican when he was young and that has always stuck with him. However I want to ask in a way that my readers can help me understand the core principles of the Republican Party.

The Republican Presidential Primaries has pretty much narrowed down the race to three candidates: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. While Ben Carson and John Kasich is trailing behind. But I really want to understand the Donald Trump fad; the simple fact that he is an outsider, simply is enough for me to raise questions about him. The Republican Party stands for a lot of things, but I am wondering why they aren’t denouncing him? Do you stand for the racist remarks, the xenophobia that he is advocating; I have friends who are members of the Republican Party and I haven’t heard them saying that they do not stand for it. That brings me to another point: with the recent passing of Justice Scalia; the Majority Leader of the United State Senate Mitch McConnell has already made it clear that he will not consider giving the presumptive nominee a hearing or a vote. I’m sorry, that sounds like obstruction. When did the Republican Party become the Party of Obstruction? What happened to the Grand Old Party? The Party that often pioneered progress, progressivism; knowing their moral responsibility to the United States, WHERE IS THAT PARTY? THE PARTY OF LINCOLN, ROOSEVELT since they constantly knew that they had to make sure that this was a place where progress can be accepted and championed that.


State of the Republican Party