I had to take the time to gather my thoughts on this issue of #BlackLivesMatter which is a new movement that is coming to the forefront of a serious problem in the United States. #BlackLivesMatter is a movement that is focusing the nation to discuss the issues of racism and police brutality. I think it’s very important to understand that the history of the two factions: the Police and the Black Community. The Civil Right Movement clearly shows that history; with the two factions at odds just like today.

The Civil Right Movement often showed that in time of adversity; the Black community found different ways to peacefully protests by staging sit-ins, by going on 50+ miles march to be able to show that inequality in the 1950s were still going. The movement itself often was guided by different leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr.; Ralph Abernathy, Malcolm X, Coretta Scott King, Ella Baker, and to name a few. But on the other side of that same movement that was emerging, there were different police departments scattered all across the nation who felt that this movement was not legal, who felt that this movement was disrupting the way of living respectively. But the movement somewhat prevailed in passing important legislation such as the Fair Housing Act, the Voting Act, forced desegregation. But it failed to achieve one of the core goals: have a dialogue about racism which is where the #BlackLivesMatter movement is doing in the 21st century. I couldn’t find the right way to be able to really give my own thoughts about the #BlackLivesMatter movement until one day I was driving home. I realized that this is the perfect way for me to give my thoughts as a human that is living in a polarized time in history.

The movement has really made me think about my experience with different police officers over the course of my life and it made me realize to this very day: I STILL LIVE IN FEAR OF THE BOYS IN BLUE. There are good officers who show valor to gain respect and there are bad officers who show cowardice and believe that a gun is the best way to gain respect. But the movement is not only just discussing police brutality, it’s also shining a light on how black people are still being treated in the 21st century; disregard of their mannerism, their education, their financial standing.. #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) is forcing a dialogue about all form of racism from systematic racism to institutional racism that is being used to not just oppress the African American community, but other communities such as the Hispanic Community, Asian Community, and even the Gay Community. We need to be able to have this important dialogue to be able to turn a positive page in history, to be able to actually start healing as a nation. But it doesn’t mean that all cops are bad, or all cops are good. It means that we need to be able to have a constant way of educating the boys in blue about the assumptions that they may have about different communities.


The Vice Presidential Slot

Greetings from the DMV area! (Marylander here)

I have been very busy with some of the projects that I didn’t really want to forget that this is also one of my many projects over the summer; but I’m working on it. So forgive me if I’m a little delayed in the posts that will be submitted over time. But right now I want to be able to talk about something that is coming up in the next few weeks: The National Nomination Conventions for the two major parties: The Republican National Convention (July 18-21, 2016) and the Democratic National Committee Convention (July 21-25, 2016).

I have followed this election cycle so closely that I still wonder how did this really come down to a man who doesn’t have a strong platform and possible the first female President of the United States. It is really polarizing between the two candidates that could possibly be nominated even through that they are considered the presumptive nominee; it doesn’t mean that they are the official nominee until they have both been officially nominated by their respective parties. But you already know that, you don’t need a history lesson from me. But I do want to be able to discuss something that has been in the news lately: their Vice President shortlist. It’s very interesting who they will pick and I have my suspicions but I could be wrong.

For Donald Trump, the Republican presumptive nominee for the President of the United States, I have a feeling that it will really boils down to two interesting individuals who really have made their mark on the Republican Party: Christopher Christie, the Governor of New Jersey who really have made his mark by being more assertive, some would even call him the BRASH Governor because he didn’t really handle his town hall/press conferences the way most politicians would. He often spoke with an assertive personality that would come off rude or insulting but to him it was assertive and being straightforward. He won both gubernatorial elections, making him term-limited — not eligible to run for a third term in the state of New Jersey. It would be interesting, if Donald Trump picked him because New Jersey isn’t a battleground state, and the political capital that Chris Christie carry is very minimal at best. But the second guess that I would wager would be Newt Gingrich, the Former Speaker of the House of Representatives from 1995-1999. Now that would be something different since Newt Gingrich has the legislative experience to be able to spearhead some of the policies that Donald Trump may want to spearhead considering that the United States Congress may see a huge turnover, resulting the GOP losing control over both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate. But Newt Gingrich carry somewhat of an abundant political capital considering that he’s one of the many party elders that is coming out to support Donald Trump. But Georgia isn’t a battleground state so we may have to keep that in mind. But there are other people who could play a role in shaping Donald Trump and his campaign.

Meanwhile in Clinton’s camp, the two choices really could either make or break Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presumptive nominee for President of the United States. She really had an interesting primary season, emerging victorious over Senator Sanders who has really presented a populist platform that really has brought the people out in droves to vote for him in some of the hottest states, so now that the focus has shifted to the general election. But that populist mentality is still lingering, causing Hillary to really question who would be able to carry that populist platform, thanks to Senator Sanders, who still has an active campaign until the convention. Her first choice, which I could possible see her picking is Timothy Kaine, the current Senator and former Governor of Virginia. He was also the former Chair of the DNC from 2009-2011. I could see her picking him since he represents a battleground state that is in play in the 2016 presidential election. He carry enough political capital from his gubernatorial career, and his chairmanship from the DNC and his current tenure as the junior United States Senator. I could imagine that he would be able to push ahead with some of the policies that Hillary Clinton would want to spearhead under her administration. The second choice which I think would be historical in the nation: Elizabeth A. Warren. She is the current Senator for the state of Massachusetts, carrying an abundant amount of political capital. She has a strong populist belief that she would be able to play a huge role in the Clinton campaign, should she be picked for the Vice Presidential slot. But there are other people that are being considered as well; that could help the Clinton campaign.

Again, this is just my guesses. PURE speculation, from my own opinions. I could be wrong.. But that’s what my views are; considering that both candidates are now gearing up for the general election. But who do you think should be picked? or should it be left to the delegates to be able to decide who should be on the ticket?

The Vice Presidential Slot