My thoughts

So a week has passed since the Governor’s State of the State speech – Let’s take a look at this from a different aspect – He has a nine million dollar war chest, he’s running to make history to win a second term as the Republican Governor that hasn’t won re-election since Spiro Agnew was Governor in the early 70s. He has a very high respectable rating as the Governor. He has made a few points that I have to be able to look at with a very fine grain of salt. I have to say that after hearing his state of state – I really wonder if he understands that most of his policies are in some way helping Washington – with his infrastructure plan that really can be reinvested in the counties of Maryland. But some of the things that he mentioned really should be looked at with a very fine magnifying glass – such as the School Accountability Act – when schools work hard to ensure that they are held accountable – what about the role of MSDE? Where will the Accountability start? And who should be punished or taken accountable? There are some bills that I support that does make sense – But he has to be able to understand that people will see this as a re-election promise – I am just saying that he could really have delivered the State of State better – “Maryland is open for business” – Maryland was always open for business – but it also has a chance to be open to anyone who wants to be able to make a better living than where they were previously.


As I type this, I type this with an understanding that we are heading into a different era. We are heading into an era where Fake News has become the norm, Hate is on the rise, and people are just feeling unsure. I leave this message for people with open arms: Love is always here – in our hearts, in our minds, and in our voices. I say that as I continue to try to be the voice of reason among madness – I say that as I continue to try to fight with love, education, and peace with open arms. But let’s not stop asking questions, let’s not stop trying to get the answers.

My thoughts

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